Hyundai DHY8000SELR

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  • Make Hyundai
  • Model DHY8000SELR
  • Hours/Use
  • Stock Number 8000SE
  • Price POA

The Hyundai DHY8000SELR is the new big brother to the DHY6000SE and the DHY6000SELR, helping to add an extra 0.8kW of additional power to an already popular line of diesel generators. Ideally suited for standby use for your home and small businesses, when you rely on electricity to function this unit is a well priced and reliable necessity. With the ability to produce a maximum of 6kW output, it gives household users an extra bump of power to run more of the essential household items when the power goes out.

As is becoming more and more popular these days, the DHY8000SELR can be used to it's full potential by making use of the ATS port and coupling the generator with an automatic transfer switch (ATS). Having the generator connected to an ATS means the generator will turn on and connect automatically if mains power fails and will also turn off when mains is restored, and having a generator such as the DHY8000SELR which is already set up to work in this way is highly beneficial.

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