Hyundai HYW2500P Petrol Pressure wash

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  • Make Hyundai
  • Model HYW2500P Petrol Pressure wash
  • Hours/Use
  • Stock Number HYW2500P
  • Price POA

The Hyundai HYW2500P is a petrol powered pressure washer, running on a 7hp, 4-stroke Hyundai engine. With a continuous running pressure of 2500psi, and a maximum output of 2800psi, combined with a flow rate of 8.75L/min, this machine is capable of tackling challenging cleaning jobs and providing fantastic results.

One of the benefits of a petrol pressure washer is the freedom it provides when you’re away from an electric power supply. As a lightweight and portable machine the HYW2500P is easily transported without any restrictions. For anything up to a large-scale, medium duty domestic use, this machine won’t let you down.

The HYW2500P uses a high quality Axial pump, designed to cope with the rigors of demanding cleaning jobs that a lot of standard pumps could not live with. Like the larger HYW3000P, the HYW2500P is similar in size, design and specification. The build quality is extremely rugged and the washer itself has a detachable handle that can be folded down over the machine to act an engine buffer for when the machine is in storage. This makes the HYW2500P a machine which is as easy to store away as it is to transport.

Again like the HYW3000P, this model has a soap detergent tank which can be filled with detergent fluid. The detergent fluid will only been drawn into the water stream when using the correct nozzle, which cuts the time spent switching between standard water and detergent fluid considerably over other pressure washer designs. It also features a thermal relief valve which helps to regulate the temperature of the pump to prevent any damage from occurring.

As well as the standard 4-piece nozzle set, the pressure washer also comes with a turbo nozzle which is rated to a maximum of 3000psi. This is a very effective tool for improving cleaning efficiency and helps to drive even more pressure from the end of the lance. It can shorten the time it takes to clean by as much as 25%.

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